A New SEO Glossary is Launched

My exhausted black cat
I wasn’t the only exhausted one in the house.

Last September I started compiling an SEO Glossary. Little did I know at the time how much work would be involved in creating this list of over 200 SEO terms. Obviously I wasn’t able to work on it full time – I spent a lot of evenings and weekends compiling data. I did so many Google searches I often triggered requests from Google to confirm I am human and not a robot.

Even though it was a lot of work, it was a great exercise because it forces one to do a deep dive into all aspects of SEO, and brings back to mind both the basics and deep things required to properly optimize a website. It also shines a light on the direction SEO is going.

We all try to keep up with the latest SEO news but there is so much noise it can be difficult to filter out the static and get to the real music. Building this glossary forced me to read a lot more than I normally would and it definitely paid dividends that I will continue to apply to my clients’ websites.

I hope you find this new SEO Glossary helpful. Let me know if you think I have left anything out!