SEO for Spanish language websites

Yes we offer SEO services in Spanish

SEO in Spanish

Si, hablamos español and we are happy to provide SEO in Spanish to all who require it.  Our offices are located in Costa Rica, a Spanish speaking country,  and our team includes both native Spanish and English speakers.  All of our team members speak at least two languages.

We have done search engine optimization in Spanish for well over 10 years.  Our clients have included doctors, dentists, surgeons, lawyers, hotels, tax accountants, real estate companies and more.  Most of the clients we work with are seeking to expand their markets into other language groups.  For example: we have helped local doctors and dentists in Costa Rica to reach the medical tourism market in the US.  At the same time we also helped English speaking clients reach out to Spanish speakers in Latin America.

We also understand the subtle differences between countries.  Mexican Spanish is not the same as Costa Rican Spanish – nor is Cuban Spanish the same as Colombian.  All have their idiosyncrasies.  When necessary we can draw on our list of contacts who are from various countries in the region to ensure the Spanish we are using is universal in nature so as to reach the broadest possible audience.

We can also assist with translation.  If you need a website translated from English to Spanish (or Spanish to English) we have the people to do it.  This is especially useful for companies seeking to expand into the Latin American market.  US based companies seeking an entry into the Latin American market should strongly consider adding Spanish language pages to their website.  In the same vein, Latin American businesses seeking to reach an English speaking audience should definitely add at least a few key pages in English so they can communicate their message clearly to their target market.

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