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“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” ~ Auguste Rodin

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Ticode – an experienced SEO company

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients give a sigh of relief as traffic starts to flow to their website and they see their business picking up.  It takes years of SEO experience to have the confidence to know exactly what is required to get good traffic.

If you need heart bypass surgery do you go to the new kid on the block or the guy who has at least 1,000 successful surgeries under his belt?  I’m sure you see where we are going with this. We started back when the Google founders were still working out of a garage (and so were we).  Over the past 20+ years we’ve made our mistakes, we’ve skinned our knees and learned our lessons. Our scars have faded and now we are truly an experienced SEO company with the tools to help you get more relevant web traffic.

Our company was formed in 2001. After successfully launching over 1,300 websites we decided to move exclusively to SEO. We still manage web development for some of our long-term clients but our primary focus is Google focused optimization.

Key things we have learned

#1 Knowledge of your business is as important as knowledge of SEO

Rocks balancedUnderstanding your business is paramount to gaining the right kind of traffic. The steps we will take to optimize your website (both on page and off page) will have a significant effect on the quality of traffic you get from Google.  Targeting keywords that will build your business is our number one priority.

To illustrate: about 15 years ago we had a client whose business name included the word “surf”. Although they were located near a beach they were not in any way connected to the surf industry. Google had them highly ranked for lots of keywords related to surfing and they were getting pretty good traffic, but it was mainly surfers looking for great waves.  They contacted us for help and within 12 months their sales had skyrocketed. They are now one of the largest real estate companies in their region selling millions of dollars worth of property each year – and they are still a client.

#2 Content is King (yeah it’s a cliché but it’s true)


Google is always updating their algorithm and it can affect a website – but a well optimized website should barely feel a ripple when Google algorithm updates occur.  Why do we say this? Because all Google really cares about is quality content. Quality content is timeless and it brings in the best kind of links – naturally occurring links. Andrew Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” was published in 1936 and is still required reading today for any serious senior executive. We’re not suggesting you need to write content that will be valid for decades (although that would be great). What we are saying is, well thought out, thoroughly researched information trumps a hundred poorly written web pages any day of the week. A well written web page can rank for hundreds or even thousands of keywords. One of our current customers has a single page on their website that ranks well for 678 keywords. In fact that page alone has over 9,000 visitors per month with only about 1,000 words of text and a couple images.  This is because the page is so well written and respected it has gained thousands of naturally occurring, high authority incoming links from across the globe.

SEO Keyword results

If Google recognizes you as an “authority” on a specific subject, you can get great traffic to your website.

#3 We know that SEO is only a part of your marketing strategy

Marketing Pieces

On page SEO and off page SEO should not be done in a vacuum. Your company has specific marketing goals and no doubt SEO is only a part of the puzzle. SEO should fit seamlessly into the overall package. We can help you to integrate social marketing, blogs and other web based components into the mix.

A few more things we’ve learned over the years:

  • Increasing traffic without increasing sales is pointless.
  • It is better to have 50 visitors ready to buy than 5,000 visitors just passing through.
  • Your SEO should compliment your overall marketing strategy,
  • Unqualified leads waste precious sales staff time.
  • Real SEO is hard work and requires commitment from the top down.

Use our SEO experience to grow your business

We love watching website traffic grow as a result of our SEO experience and efforts. Let us help you take your website to the next level. Contact us and let us know what you need and what you want. We’ll be happy to help.