What is on page SEO?

On page SEO involves editing content and HTML source code on a website to gain more relevant traffic. The goal is to make each individual page on a website unique and “palatable” in the eyes of Google (and other search engines).

Books in a library

Think of the web as a huge library of information and Google as the librarian. Each website can be likened to a book that must be placed in an appropriate section of the library so interested readers can find exactly the topic they are looking for.

Here is a simple example of how it works:

Let’s pretend you are the author of a book on French History. The title of your book is “French History”, so the Librarian places the book in the following location:

        World History
                European History
                        French History

However, your book is specifically about the Napoleonic wars. There is a sub-category “French Military History” where your book should be placed but the less than accurate title has resulted in your book being placed in the general “French History” category. This means persons interested only in the Napoleonic wars will probably be reading someone else’s book because your book is in the wrong location.

Making sure a website is properly indexed by Google

Without good quality on page SEO a website can be poorly categorized (indexed). Here’s a very simple illustration of what can happen.  Let’s say you sell electric lawnmowers in Dallas, Texas, but your website just says “Lawnmowers”.  No reference to “electric” in the text or titles.  Also your website is not clear on exactly where you are located in Dallas.  No address, just a contact form and a phone number.  Sketchy information makes it difficult for Google to know exactly where you are (see local SEO) and what it is you sell. People searching specifically for “electric lawnmowers in Dallas” probably won’t find you but they will find your competitors who have properly optimized their web pages.

As you can see, the details matter. It’s always better to plan your optimization before you actually build your website.  In this way, keyword research can be taken into consideration when developing content.  However, even poorly designed or badly optimized websites can be repaired and made to run like new.

We follow Best Practices – White Hat SEO

Best SEO practices icon

In the first paragraph we used the word “palatable” for a reason. Google has to like what we feed it. Additionally, On page SEO has changed over the years. It is more important than ever to keep up with the latest and best SEO practices.  We eat, drink and breathe SEO so we know where to get the latest and most accurate information. We monitor for changes in Google’s algorithm or new ideas that may help you gain an edge on the competition.  There are tens of thousands of blogs out there spouting opinions about how to do SEO but there are really only a few authoritative websites that hold the keys to what is happening today in search.

Very important! We only do white hat SEO.  We use the best online tools and software to make sure your website stays healthy and continues to receive good, relevant traffic.

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