Out with the old and in with the new!

You heard the one about the plumber whose pipes leaked all the time because he was too busy fixing everyone else’s leaky pipes to fix his own?  Well, that’s a pretty good description of us.  After building and/or optimizing over a thousand websites for other people we finally got around to updating our own. It wasn’t as old as this website but we were ready to have it carbon dated to see just how old it really was.

Flooded office with swimming business man

All jokes aside, it has been a challenge to get this new website finished.  We are still very busy optimizing websites for a great group of clients, so overtime hours have been the norm.  Obviously, we wanted our website to be modern and responsive, but we also wanted it to more accurately describe what it is we do.  The old website covered way too much territory.  Back in the day we were building a lot of highly complex websites, doing graphic design for web and print, managing hosting for clients and, of course, doing SEO.  Those days are long gone.  Our main focus is SEO followed by more SEO.

We definitely have a lot more content to add but at least we have the site launched and in circulation.  Thanks for visiting and we hope you like it.