Step 1: Send us details about your website

There is no cost for us to do a very basic SEO review of your website.

To get started just fill out our contact form.  Be sure to include as much information as possible.  Some examples:

  • Has your website already been optimized by someone else?
  • What are your major concerns?
  • Does your website have decent traffic?
  • What do you consider to be the top 5 keywords people would use to find your business?
  • Have you recently updated (or redesigned) your website?
  • Has your website been handed a Google manual action (penalty)?

Ask any questions you like. Don’t worry if you are not an expert in web-jargon.  That’s our job.

Once you send us your website information we will do a quick scan of your site and get back with you (usually within a business day or so) and set up an appointment to talk in more depth.

Step 2: Get a complete SEO Health Report

After we meet, if you decide you want to engage our services the first step is to get a complete SEO health report of your website.  The cost of this service varies according to the size and complexity of your website(s).

A real human being will use sophisticated online tools and software to gather data and evaluate how well your website is optimized – much the same way a high-quality mechanic will do a “diagnostic” on your car.  It may be that you only need a small amount of SEO work done and some recommendations for how to go forward.  Or, you may need a complete overhaul.

We typically do the following as a minimum:

  • Spider the site to get a full sitemap
  • Check if the website has a sitemap for Google to reference
  • Check robots.txt
  • Check title tags
  • Check meta descriptions
  • Check image alt attributes
  • Check URL structure and quality
  • Check organic search traffic
  • Check backlinks (quality/quantity)
  • Check outgoing links (quality of referral resources)
  • Check internal links
  • Check anchor text
  • Check the number of referring domains
  • Check for broken links
  • Check for duplicate content
  • Check for keyword density/stuffing
  • Check domain authority/domain reputation
  • Check page authority/page reputation
  • Check page load speed
  • Check content (quality/quantity)
  • Check structured data
  • Check spam score (is your website viewed as a “spammy” website?)
  • Test for responsiveness (is it friendly to smartphones and tablets?)
  • Comparative investigation of competition websites
  • Basic keyword research to gauge levels of keyword difficulty and assess our chances of ranking well in Google for major keywords vs. the competition.
  • Confirm your websites current rankings for relevant keywords
  • Check website security (SSL)
  • Review what platform your website is built on (i.e. Drupal, WordPress, etc.)

Step 3: Analyze data and decide how to move forward

Once we have completed a health checkup of your website you will receive a complete SEO health report.  This report will include:

  • Current SEO strengths and weaknesses
  • How your website stacks up against the competition
  • Recommendations on how to fix any critical outstanding issues (example: if we happen to discover a possible security issue we will mention it in our report)
  • Recommended path forward to get your website properly optimized (with our without us).

One of our team will be available to review the report with you.  The report will provide concrete actions you can take to improve your Google rankings.

Ongoing SEO Services

If, after receiving your complete SEO health report, you decide to engage our company for ongoing search engine optimization services we are very happy to help.  Having a complete SEO health report is an important step as it enables us to know how much effort will be required to get your website in a healthy and well-optimized state.