Baby HummingbirdIf you are located in Costa Rica that makes us neighbors.  Our offices are located in Heredia and we have clients both in country and overseas.  So, if you live in Costa Rica and need SEO services we can certainly help.

Completely off the subject but definitely related to why we love living in Costa Rica.  One morning we arrived at our offices only to find a baby Hummingbird that somehow got trapped and couldn’t get back out.  He was exhausted and happy to sit and rest for a while on my finger.  Once we confirmed that he was going to be ok we released him back into the garden.

Costa Rica SEO isn’t really much different than SEO in any other location. Good SEO is good SEO and location has little to do with it. However, being located in Costa Rica does have it’s advantages (no, I’m not just talking about the perfect weather and beautiful beaches). The fact that we have optimized so many different types of websites in Costa Rica gives us an edge. We can leverage our contacts within the community and find synergies that benefit all involved. The good old “win-win” scenario.

For example: a travel blogger we know may be happy to visit and blog about a local hotel or restaurant. Another blogger may have had some dental work done by a prominent local dentist and want to write about his experiences. If a newsworthy event happens, we can pass it to the local or international newspapers and possibly gain good local and/or international publicity for our clients.  We don’t just pump out low quality blog posts or press releases. Quality content is always in demand and we encourage all our SEO clients to focus on exactly that – great content!  The links will come.

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