XHTML Web Site Designs

      Our Standard XHTML CSS Web Sites

      10 or 20 page web site designs

      These are perfect small business or corporate web sites that only requires occasional updates. If it's not your desire to become a web design expert - simply call us up every so often and say "change this price" or "change this photo" - this is the web site for you. It is easy to build and easy to make changes. If you prefer to update the web site yourself we recommend a Drupal content management system.


      XHTML CSS web sitesThe first thing you have to do is decide how your site will look. Our standard web sites have three design options as show in this graphic. Let us know if you want a one column, two column or three column layout. All designs come with a header and footer. If you prefer something outside these guidelines that is fine to. Just contact us for a custom quote.


      web designNow it's time to choose the color scheme you want for your site. Choose from among the themes shown here, or if if none of these color schemes fit your taste our graphic artists can modify our standard designs for a small additional fee. Just contact us for a custom quote.


      Now that you have a good idea of the design basics it's time to contact us to get started. Don't forget you'll need to collect all the materials together for your web site. You'll need to prepare text, images and multimedia (if any) for your site. If you don't have anyone to write this for you we can help organize this for you. Here is a list of items you may need to get your web site ready:

      • Text for each web page (in plain text)
      • Images and/or illustrations for each web page (images as JPG's illustrations as GIF's)
      • Your preferred layout style (1,2 or 3 column as indicated above)
      • Your preferred color scheme
      • Your company logo in transparent GIF format or in AI or EPS format
      • If you are providing specialized graphics you may need to provide these to us in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator format.

      Once you have all the details ready please fill out this form and we'll get you started on your way to a beautiful new web site :)

      What makes our web sites better?

      Simple! We build-in features that are essential to getting a good search engine ranking. Our designs are based on time tested and proven techniques that have helped our clients reach top rankings in Google, not just designs based on theories learned from books or reading blogs. Ticode has a track record to back what we say. We only use white hat SEO methods that will get you great results and keep you well ranked in the search engines for the long term.

      XHTML CSS design

      Clean web code is essential to helping a search engine index your site and rank it well. While larger search engines have become very good at determining what words are code and what words are the content of your web site meant for the public to read, the less code your pages have the better. This is true for many reasons, the main one being some search engines limit the amount of characters they read before they leave a page. For this reason it is important to have as much code as possible "off page". This is where CSS (cascading style sheets) comes in. Information about the styling of your page is kept off the page and helps keep the code-to-content ratio low. The same technique holds true with JavaScript where necessary. Our approach to design is to keep as much code as possible "off-page" to give your web site an advantage over your competition.

      Cross-browser compatible

      We code to W3C standards while making the site cross-browser compatible. This in itself is an art. Making sure that your site appears the same in a slightly older version of Internet Explorer as it does in the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Opera can take quite a bit of work depending on what features are included. Our programmers are skilled at making sure this happens and we've built all the right little tweaks into our sites to make sure visitors to your web site get a nice experience no matter what browser they choose. Of course we can't go all the way back to IE4 and other ancient versions but we certainly do our best to make sure that the most commonly used versions are well covered.

      PHP Contact Us Page

      Almost every web site needs a Contact Us page and ours includes it as standard WITH anti-spam CAPTCHA (challenge response human test). This protects you from those hundreds of spam attacks hitting your inbox when unscrupulous web spammers try to sell you products you are not interested in by sending robots to fill out your web form. It also means you don;t have to list your email address on your web site. This can also be a protection. Many spammers send out spiders fishing for email addresses on the web to add to their spam email lists.

      Quality Graphic Art

      Your web site includes full custom graphics fit to the exact size of our web site. To begin, our graphic arts department will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out. You choose a color scheme you like, a layout style (1, column, 2 column or 3 column) and we get started right away designing your site.

      Do you have a design in mind already? Great! Send us the designs and we'll plug them in to the site or we may ask your designer to resize them to fit into the standard layout of the site. If you need us to re-size the site to fit your graphics there may be a slight additional charge for us to re-code the pages. Our sites are "fixed width" but can be made fluid width if required (additional charges may apply depending on the graphics supplied).

      Contact Us today and let us build you a search engine friendly web site!