Who we are

      Ticode started out as Frogazul about 10 years ago and eventually changed it's name to Ticode SRL (pronounced Tea-Code). The name Ticode is actually the joining of two words: Tico and Code. Costa Ricans call themselves "Ticos" and Programmers often refer to programs as "Code". So we merged the two into "Ticode". The name reflects the company's origins as being Costa Rican and at the same time our strength is primarily in programming. So, you could say our name fits who we are.

      WE BUILD RESULTS is all over our web site and our literature. If you are like most of our customers you want to see results. Talk is cheap. The reason you are reading this web site is because you are seeking a solution to a problem or you want to find a service that will get the "results" you are seeking. We understand that. We often demand the same of our providers.

      At times our clients know exactly what they want and seek little or no input from our team. In these cases we are quite happy to simply provide straight design or graphics services under your marketing professional's watchful eye.

      At other times you are seeking ideas and input on how a goal might be achieved. We have highly experienced marketing persons on staff who can offer ideas and concepts that may fit your needs.

      What we continually build into our company culture is: understand what it is the customer wants to achieve. Why are they building this web site? Why are they printing this brochure, designing this sign or flyer? If we understand the purpose of the printed or web material we are in a much better position to use our skills to help you attain that goal. Keeping this focus has helped us become a leading Costa Rica web design company.

      So, if you want to understand who we are you have to understand what we constantly strive to do. WE WANT TO HELP YOU GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT! That is who we are and why we say TICODE BUILDS RESULTS.

      Our clients

      Some work we refuse to accept

      TICODE rejects work associated with the exploitation of children, sex, animal cruelty, illegal drugs, cigarettes, gambling or violence.