Our Social Responsibility


      "Protegiendoles" translates into English as "Protecting Them" and is the official web site of Paniamor, a non-profit organization whose charter is to protect young children from sexual exploitation. Ticode has provided many hours of free web design and graphic design labor to this organization to help them protect young children and adolescents from sexual exploitation by adults.


      Tropic Joe is a red eyed green tree frog and is the symbol of the Tropical Sierra Foundation, an non-profit organization established in Costa Rica to help replenish nature primarily through helping to rebuild the rain forests by planting native species in areas where these have been depleted through logging or incursion by man. Ticode has provided hundreds of free and low cost hours of work to the Foundation to assist in their efforts to rebuild habitats for native species and re-grow native plant species in areas where these have been depleted.


      Fundamentes is an organization that helps young children who are at risk of becoming violent or who live in socially dangerous environments to find purpose by engaging them in wholesome activities that help them learn new skills and learn to communicate normally with other children. Ticode provides graphic design and web development services to this organization at no charge to assist them in helping these young children to have a safe place to come and learn and socialize outside of what may be very dangerous environments.