SEO Site Assessment

      Why doesn't my site rank highly in Google?

      You may know something is wrong with your web site but not exactly WHAT is wrong. That is where the SEO Site Assessment can help.

      The purpose of the SEO Site Assessment is to examine your web site from top to bottom, find out why Google is not ranking your site where you want it to be, and then make recommendations on exactly how you can remedy the situation. Why Google? Google represents about 70% of the world search market. Yahoo and Bing make up the Lion's share of the rest. Typically, if you rank well in Google, it doesn't take much tweaking to bring your site up in the other engines as well.

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      What is a site assessment?

      In the same way a mechanic may put specialized diagnostic equipment on your car engine to find out whether it is functioning correctly, we analyze numerous component parts of your web site to see what parts are working correctly and what parts may have flaws. We then report back to you all our findings. Our detailed investigation includes a close look at this and more:

      • Page titles
      • Meta tags
      • Alt attributes
      • Keyword density
      • Site code
      • Code to content ratio
      • Internal links
      • External links (sometimes referred to as back links)
      • Link popularity
      • Link quality
      • Review of historical linking strategy
      • Anchor text
      • Current content quality
      • Site Indexing by Google and other search engines
      • Review of the competition

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      What we need to start

      Before we can do any evaluation of the web site we need detailed information from you. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire. Based on your answers we will ask you a number of other questions related to the web site and your market. We will also have to have a close look at the code of the site so as to know how much time may be involved in our assessment. Once we have all these answers we will be ready to start our Assessment.

      How long does it take?

      Typically an assessment requires 5-10 working days depending on the size and complexity of the web site. This is for a typical web site with say no more than 200 pages and a similar theme throughout. Highly complex sites with multiple sub-sites and themes may require much more time.

      What you receive in your report

      A finished audit gives you the information you require to improve the ranking of your web site. The work you do to improve in Google will typically also have a beneficiary effect in other search engines that feed off of Google such as AOL and indirectly on other engines that follow good Webmaster practices.

      The Audit Report would typically run between 15 and 25 pages (depending on the size and complexity of your web site) and include the following information:

      1. Overview
      2. Review of Market Goals
      3. Historical Linking Pattern
      4. Suggested Future Linking Pattern
      5. Current Content Summary (quantity and quality)
      6. Suggested Content Improvements
      7. Possible Future Content Inclusions/Directions
      8. Current external link status
      9. How to improve external links
      10. Current internal link status
      11. How to improve internal links
      12. Meta tag status
      13. How to improve meta tags
      14. Current state of CSS
      15. CSS improvement recommendations
      16. Header tags and other peripheral tags
      17. Overall site health report
      18. Overall site recommendation summary

      How much does it cost?

      If you drive your car into a garage and ask the mechanic "how much to fix it" he's not going to give you a price until he has a look under the hood. If he does give you a price without looking under the hood, we recommend you look for a different mechanic. The same is true of web development or SEO. We have no idea who designed your site, if the code is any good, if your site has ever been blacklisted by Google or Yahoo, if you are using frames, etc. If you want a quality assessment of your site you have come to the right place and our price will be fair - not over or under-priced. It will be based on YOUR web site alone - not on some average we built up along the way.

      Contact Us and we'll take a look under the hood. Then we can give you a real price to assess your web site. One that makes sense for you and your business.

      Feature Small Site Mid Size Site Large Site
      No. of Pages up to 25 up to 99 >over 100
      Typical time to complete 1-2 weeks 2-3 weeks Call
      Price Call Call Call

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