SEO Services

      SEO Services

      You already know your site is not ranking well in the search engines and you may likely know some of the reasons why. We may have even performed a complete SEO Site Assessment for you and now we are ready to implement some or all of the changes recommended in our report. If no assessment was done, we will be doing an in-depth interview with you to learn much more about your market before we begin any optimizing of your web site.

      The SEO Process

      SEO ServicesIn most cases, designing a web site is easier than optimizing it.

      SEO is a tedious process. It requires a page by page update of content and code in order to balance out the components without spamming the search engines. In this way when your pages are indexed, the search engines will be able to properly categorize and rank each page - so when Google sees the page it can decide where yours deserves to be.

      On Page SEO

      On Page SEO refers to everything that happens on a web page. Here are some of the on-page components that must be tuned to a finer degree:

      • Page title
      • Meta description
      • Meta keywords*
      • Header tags (example H1-H4 tags)
      • Image alt attributes
      • Keywords (both placement and density)
      • Internal links
      • Site map
      • Page code

      *Note: although Google has made it clear on many occasions they ignore the meta Keyword tag, it is still good practice to include it. There are a number of other search engines that still use it and it is always smart to properly fill in relevant keywords that truly fit the page.

      Off Page SEO

      Off page SEO refers to efforts made by an SEO practitioner away from a web page to enhance a web page ranking. This might include the following**:

      • Directory listings (paid and free)
      • Article placements
      • Press releases
      • Blogging (on site and off site)
      • One way link requests
      • Link exchange with relevant link partners
      • Forum visits (signatures)
      • Social bookmarking
      • Online Classified ad sites

      **Note: Often Twitter and Google Adwords are mentioned by some as "Off Page" SEO but this is not strictly true. Both can help you build traffic but do not directly contribute to Optimization. Twitter as a tool may also help you find potential link partners in your market niche. Google Adwords is simply advertising and does not build link popularity.

      Both Work in Harmony

      Once the on page and off page optimization are well developed your web page will begin to climb up in the rankings. Quality search engines expect everything to be well defined, consistent and balanced. This is the key to SEO success. Quick fixes do not work and a quick fix offered by any SEO company typically means they are either offering low value keyword success (like low traffic keywords) or questionable SEO practices that could get you banned by the major search engines. Play it safe and do things right. We only use White Hat SEO techniques, strictly following Googles webmaster guidelines.

      Get Started Now

      Contact us today for a free no obligation quote. The sooner you begin this process the sooner you are on your way to qualified leads from your web site. Don't let others take the best the web has to offer. Get the traffic that is ready and waiting for you right now. Every day people go to Google and other search engines looking for products just like yours. Be found by being ranked in a place they can find you!

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