Introduction to SEO

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      Good website SEO is about about balance. seoYou must have the right keywords in the right places, the right amount of link popularity (incoming links) and Google must be able to find all the pages in your site in order to index them. Once you have all the right pieces in place your web site will be like a well tuned orchestra playing a beautiful sonnet in the ears of the major search engines and it starts to move up in the rankings. Quality SEO services provide this kind of harmony to your web site. Not a haphazard mix of keywords, tags and links.

      It is very important to note you do NOT need to engage in keyword stuffing or playing silly SEO games in order to be well ranked in the major search engines. All you need is good quality content and well balanced SEO to start moving up - then it's about having some link popularity, and a lot of this can even come naturally (as it should) if you plan things right. We can and will help you learn the basics of SEO along the way if that is your desire.

      Getting Started

      Without getting into the many variables that can affect a web sites ranking, there are four major steps to getting a web site highly ranked in the search engines:

      1. Establish the health of the web site in it's current state (or you can have us build an SEO friendly web site from scratch) by doing an assessment of your current site
      2. Implement all the "on page" SEO changes required to enjoy a good ranking based on the assessment. The assessment would take into account your major market goals.
      3. Implement all "off page" SEO such as the addition of incoming links, directory submissions, article submissions, forum sigs and more...
      4. Track the site progress and make changes where necessary based on changes in site ranking and possibly competition reaction to your site's rise in the rankings

      Not sure what's wrong? Here's where you start

      A web site is a bit like a car - we won't really know what's wrong with it until we take a look under the hood. If it's something minor your fix-it costs may be low - if it's something major it may cost a bit more for us to get the site up to Ferrari speed. An SEO site assessment will give you all the information you need to get your web site into tip top condition. Our SEO team will help you find out what your site is REALLY optimized for and what you need to do to get it moving in the right direction. With our report you may be able to make the changes yourself, or you can have our SEO team help you optimize the site. Either way you will have all the information you need to make the right decisions!

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      Know exactly what you need? Go straight to SEO Services.

      If you are confident you know exactly what your market is and the problems your web site is having but you simply do not want to fight with the optimization, let us handle the problem for you. Our team of experienced SEO practitioners have a solid track record of placing sites in the top 10 of Google, Yahoo and now Bing (MSN's latest Decision Engine) and we can do the same for your site. We'll give you an honest assessment of what it will take and how long we believe it will take to reach a top ranking for various keywords.

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      Need some Code Cleanup?

      A major part of SEO services is cleaning up outdated code. Many older sites were designed using old, deprecated code or WYSIWYG editors, which sometimes add an excessive amount of code to the pages. In many cases this can be detrimental to your web site attaining a good ranking. High amounts of code and slow loading pages can cause search engines to limit the amount of characters they effectively are able to read and index on a page. By cleaning up old code and using CSS (cascading style sheets) you often improve your chances of a better ranking. We have seen this time and time again with our clients. There is also a savings in future site change costs by having cleaner code and CSS. Site changes are faster thus lowering the cost/time it takes to make them.

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