Using the SMTP Server

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      Our web host of choice is Pair Networks so most of our client websites are hosted either on our dedicated server or (more frequently) in shared hosting accounts at Pair. If you have a hosting account at Pair you can make use of their SMTP server. Here are some basic guidelines on using the mail server.

      For those who may not be familiar with the term, an SMTP mail server is simply an outgoing mail server - used to send email.

      Pair Networks allows all clients in good standing to use their SMTP mail server provided the following conditions are met:

      • You must be a client in good standing
      • You can only send email from addresses affiliated with your Pair Networks account
      • You are in compliance with Pair Networks anti-spam policies
      • Your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) mail server is unsuitable for technical reasons

      Please DO NOT use the Pair Networks SMTP server for:

      • Sending out large quantities of email to multiple recipients (i.e. running a mail list)
      • Sending large attachments (we recommend never exceeding 8MB)
      • Sending emails from addresses not affiliated with your hosting account
      • Sending email that could just as easily be sent via your ISP
      • Spam

      If you meet the above criteria you may configure your email to use the SMTP server at

      By default, this server will reject all connections. To authorize yourself to send e-mail, you must first use your e-mail reader to check your account for new e-mail. After you have checked your e-mail, you will be authorized to send e-mail through for up to 90 minutes.

      SMTP Port Restrictions

      Many ISPs, including America Online, EarthLink, and MSN, will not allow access to an external SMTP server. This is most commonly implemented by blocking traffic to port 25, the SMTP port. If your e-mail reader supports it, you may work around this restriction by using port 2525 instead.

      If your ISP filters port 25 and your e-mail reader cannot use a different port, or if your ISP filters by some other means, you will not be able to use the Pair Networks SMTP service. If you are a subscriber of one of these services, please contact your ISP for assistance in using SMTP to send e-mail.