Email FAQS

      Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about email accounts at Pair Networks:

      1. I can receive email but not send, what happened?

      Pair Networks places a limit on the number of email recipients you can send email to and the size of attachments. If you tried to send to too many email recipients chances are your IP address has been blocked. If this happens more than three times you risk being permanently blocked from using the Pair SMTP server.

      To resolve this problem get the IP address from the machine that cannot send emails by visiting (IP address appears at top of page). Then contact Pair Networks with the IP address and the email that is blocked.  If Ticode manages your hosting for you please send the same details to us and we will contact Pair on your behalf. There is a $10 fee for us to manage unblocking an email.

      2. How do I receive my email?

      There are 2 ways you can receive email:

      • the Pair webmail interface ( if you host at Pair Networks)
      • Using an email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Entourage (MAC).

      3. How do I use the Pair webmail Interface

      First, go to

      You must login using [username]@[yourdomainname]

      Note: replace [username] with your actual email username and [yourdomainname] with the domain you are hosting at Pair.

      Your username might not be the same as your email name. For example: your email may be but your username might be "joesmith". In such a case you would have to login using joesmith as the username.