Drupal CMS Web Site

      Drupal CMS web siteThis CMS web site is based on the time tested and proven Drupal open source technology started at Antwerp University by Dries Buytaert and Hans Snijder in 2000 and refined over the past 9 years by countless talented programmers in the open source community.

      Our approach to this customized Drupal has been to select the best modules from the Drupal community to make your Drupal SEO friendly. Plus we build in a few of our own modules to make this content management system just that much more user and SEO friendly. The result is our own CMS product that we consider just a touch above the rest. We think once you have used it and seen how well it performs after optimization in the search engines you will agree.

      What are Content Management Systems Used For?

      The short answer? Almost anything. A content management system is a web site you administer. It can be used as a typical company web site with a blog and a newsletter, an e-commerce site, a membership site - virtually anything. Many of Hollywood's most famous stars have web sites based on the Drupal open source system due to it's solid design and flexibility. It is relatively easy to put any face on the front of a Drupal website. Drupal has a powerful database management system behind it and can gather and store all sorts of information including web pages, membership lists, videos, products, prices and much more. Once you discover how powerful Drupal is you will wonder why you haven't been using it before.

      Ticode CMS Standard Features

      • Customizable page titles (each page is independent with a default value available)
      • SEO friendly URL's - uses Apache's mod_rewrite to enable customizable URLs that are both user and search engine friendly.
      • Customizable meta description tags (each page is independent with a default value available)
      • Customizable meta keyword tags (each page is independent with a default value available)
      • Role based permission system: rather than set up permissions for each individual user, roles are assigned (example "sales persons") and each type of role would have specific access levels within the content management system. This saves a lot of tedious work for administrators setting up new users and granting permissions.
      • Searching - All content in Drupal is fully indexed and searchable at all times using the built in search module.
      • Standard HTML and PHP templating system - No proprietary templating languages need to be learned to build custom templates for your web site.
      • Permalinks - With a good configuration, if you change a link Drupal tracks where it was so if someone has linked to it externally they will still be able to find it through Drupals automated 301 redirect system.
      • Web Based Administration - As long as you have an Internet connection you can manage your web site. Hook up a laptop and you can be adding/editing or deleting text, images or videos according to whatever permissions you have within the content management system. All site management is done via a WYSIWYG editor, or if you are more comfortable working in code you also can turn off the WYSIWYG and work in straight code. The choice is yours.
      • Expandability - There are thousands of additional modules available for the Drupal CMS system covering such diverse applications as multimedia, e-commerce, photo galleries, statistics, email management, ad display, user management, memberships, games, mobile devices and much more.

      The Design Process

      In order to design you your own custom Content Management System we need to know a lot about what type of functionality you expect in a web site. Who will be maintaining the web site? What is the main purpose of the site (example: to sell? to gain members?). Do you have a web site now? How has it been performing? How will visitors interact with the site? Is your existing web site properly optimized and does it get good quality traffic? The answers to these and many others will help us to build a web site that will bring in the right results for you.

      Before we start anything it is best if you contact one of our web development specialists and discuss your needs in detail. In this way we can help you determine which solution may be the most cost effective for your business over the short and long term.

      Contact Us to get started on a CMS web site today.