Code Cleanup

      Web Site Code Cleanup

      Many older sites have outdated code or were designed using WYSIWYG editors (such as Front Page or Dreamweaver). These web design products are very good but in the hands of inexperienced users they can add excessive amounts of code to a web site.

      Why Excessive Code may be a Problem

      Most search engines (especially the large ones such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) have become very proficient at reading the difference between what is XHTML, Javascript or other programming languages used on the web vs. real text. Despite this, all search engines have limited resources. The less amount of time they have to spend on one page of your web site the more time they have to read all it's pages. If all the code and text on your web page could fill a 1,000 page book, maybe the robots only have time to read half of your page before they move on to the next web page. Some search engines put limits on the amount of characters a robot may read on a web page before it leaves and starts reading another page.

      There are numerous reasons other than just excessive code to consider cleaning up the content in your web site:

      • Is the amount of code on your web sites causing the pages to load slowly?
      • Is there so much code the search engine robots are limiting the amount of time they are spending reading some pages?
      • Are their duplicate URL's causing the robots to visit the same pages over and over so they stop visiting these?
      • Are there broken links or duplicate content causing your pages to rank badly in the search engines?
      • Was your web site designed using frames making it difficult for some search engines to spider them efficiently?

      Now you can see why having clean code and an organized web site are essential to attaining a top ranking in Google. You want the robots to get as much real content as it can and go back and categorize all those beautiful keywords for your web site so people can find your site on the web. You also want the search engines to respect your site and not find broken links, poor quality navigation or other problems to make them stop crawling certain portions of your site.

      Using CSS (cascading style sheets) and moving as much JavaScript and other code off the page as possible enables you to keep the code to content ratio as low as possible. This enables you to get indexed for more keywords and increase traffic to your web site.

      Contact us today and get your old code looking like new.